The graphing in Mood Manager is probably one of the most powerful resources that you will learn to use within this online program.

The graphs will reflect your anxiety, depression and stress levels at any particular point in time. The more DASS 21 tests you take the more the graph will reflect fluctuations and changes in your mood over time.

If you are currently recovering from anxiety or depression, or just learning to better handle stress, you will see that progress being reflected in the graphs as the graph takes a downward trend over time.

The graph is a great motivational tool and will really allow you to see at a glance your mood in the present or for some situation in the past.  The graph will even show how upcoming and past events may affect your stress, anxiety and depression.

You can also overlay various trackers like sleep to see how that has affected your daily mood.

So, to make the most of graph

  • take more than one DASS 21 test
  • take a DASS 21 on a regular interval, daily, weekly, fortnightly etc. Although you can take one at any interval.
  • use the magnify glass to zoom into the graph and overlay sleep patterns
  • use the graph to monitor weight gain or loss over time by using it in conjunction with the weight tracker.

The graph will become your motivational friend and coach. The more DASS 21 tests you do the better results you will get from the graph.